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Welcome to the Snelling family!

Tired of sending your resume into cyber space? Disheartened by job recruitment agencies that don’t return your call? Frustrated by recruiters who miss the mark when it comes to matching your skill set with the right employment opportunities?

We believe work is more than a paycheck—it’s meaningful and personally rewarding in ways that go beyond simple financial gain. Want to work with a company that is an industry leader? Looking for your place with an organization that’s socially responsible? Dream big and we’ll get to work.

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Important Info to Remember!


  1. PAYROLL:   It is YOUR responsibility to make sure your hours are accounted for.  If you complete your shift without punching in/out, we cannot guarantee that your hours will be approved at a later date, and you understand that you risk not getting paid for hours worked. You can download a copy of a blank time sheet here.

  2. INJURIESLife threatening or emergency situation, go to the nearest Concentra or Emergency Room.  For non-emergency injuries during Snelling business hours, report injury to your supervisor and call our office immediately at 586-447-9690 to report the injury and obtain authorization for treatment (if needed).  If outside of Snelling business hours, report injury to your supervisor. He/she will determine if immediate treatment is needed; if so, visit the nearest Concentra clinic (clinic at 33089 Groesbeck, Fraser is open 24 hours for workplace injuries). Call 586-447-9690 and leave a message on our injury/absence line. ALL INJURIES MUST BE REPORTED TO SNELLING, REGARDLESS OF TREATMENT STATUS.

  3. ATTENDANCE: OUR CLIENTS RELY ON YOU BEING AT WORK - ON TIME FOR EVERY SHIFT!  Just because you have documentation for a doctor’s appointment, court date, etc.- YOUR WORK STATION IS STILL EMPTY!  Please try to schedule appointments at the beginning/end of the day, so that you don’t miss your entire shift.  Attendance during your first 90 days is critical to your long-term success in the assignment.  If you cannot avoid an absence, remember that SNELLING STAFFING OF ROSEVILLE IS YOUR EMPLOYER - if you’re missing work for any reason, you must call our attendance line at 586-447-9690 before the start of the shift you’re missing.  Some of our clients request that you call their attendance line also, but this does not replace calling Snelling.

  4. PAYSTUBS: To access your paystubs, please refer to the HireQuest Employee Web Portal link below (even if you have selected Direct Deposit). We do not have access to your paystubs.  


Thank you for choosing our office for assistance with your job search, and welcome to Snelling!

Employee Web Portal

Open your Employee Web Portal to see information concerning your employment. This portal includes:

  • your pay stubs and W-2's

  • the ability to change your payment method, address, phone number, etc.

  • insurance enrollment, for those who have qualified

  • informational documents, some of which may change occasionally

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